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Training Methodology


Peacekeeper law enforcement training courses are designed to be the most effective and efficient training systems available. Rather than teaching complex skill sets that become useless without constant recurring training, our proven methodology is based on simple gross motor skills techniques that can be easily instructed by your police trainers and easily retained by the end user. 


Our goal is to provide every agency the skills needed to react competently when engaged in the use of force under periods of extreme psychological and physiological stress. Officer safety, public perception and litigation reduction depends on it!

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Peacekeeper Training Staff :

    "We drug our feet but were forced to go to your training.  Collectively our five instructors have over 121 years of instructional training and wondered what Peacekeeper could teach us that we didn’t already know.  We came back believers in your products and your training.  Your training philosophy is the most applicable of all other baton training systems."

                     - Palm Beach Co. Sheriff, FL

      “Your baton and training system is far superior than any impact weapons course I’ve been to.  Now I know why so many agencies are switching to your system”.

- Training Officer, Denver PD

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