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The Rapid Containment Expandable Baton - RCB

                       What makes the RCB Different?

Command Staff, Expert and End User Testimonials

  • Weight distributed in the distal half (striking area) of the baton instead of in the handle.

  • Provides Rapid Stopping Power and Rapid Containment.

  • Redistributed weight design gives all officers greater authority and confidence; and more officer safety in a confrontation.

  • Requires less energy to achieve higher impact.

  • Patented Joint Lock design !

  • The largest friction lock of any other expandable baton which reduces inadvertent collapsing.

  • The ability to strike or jab with the baton without it collapsing in the middle of an altercation. 

  • High quality, 3/4" “machined” steel that will not bend easily like other batons !

  • Unsurpassed Durability - Life Time Warranty 

  • The ability to break open a vehicle window without the fear of bending or breaking the baton. 

  • A larger flat end cap made from hardened steel.

  • Allows for jabbing techniques without impalement.

  • The ability to expand the baton by pulling on the tip of the baton.

  • Anti-Rattle Ring reduces the typical "jingle" that is inherent in other expandable batons.

  • High-Friction Rubber Grip

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